Born in Washington D.C., I am a Mexican/Spanish/Peruvian artist who has lived in a few countries since leaving the United States. I spent part of my childhood in Australia and in Peru, and moved to Mexico City for my teenage years. After eleven years, I decided to escape the pollution and chaos and moved to the east of Mexico, a city called Xalapa, Veracruz. There, I studied Fine Arts in the main university of the state, La Universidad Veracruzana, where I had my first individual exhibition. In 2010, I decided to cross the giant pond and moved to The Netherlands. Here I had my second exhibition called “Mirrors of the Spirit”.

My paintings and illustrations are usually about our inner wilderness, our deep connection with our world, everything natural that surround us, as a woman, with our femininity, and at the same time with the cosmos or our cosmos.

My painting techniques include watercolour, inks, acrylics and oils.

Photo above by: Maria Cavali.