Amsterdam International Life Drawing Society

In 2014, I joined a life drawing group. The new organizer was a young woman who came from the Ukraine, she was just 19 years old. Previously she studied at the art academy in Kiev, her studies were completely academic, and her name is Julia Filament.

I started to attend to many sessions to practice my human anatomy, I was very rusty, so, I needed to train again.

Unfortunalety, due to my daily job’s schedule, I couldn’t make it to a few sessions. But slowly, my friendship with Julia started growing, and I started to help her in every session, so we became a team.

Every session was always different with diverese themes, not always nude people, sometimes dressed, sometimes portraits, we had couples posing, gay and straight, and also different kinds of bodies. That’s what I like about this group. Diversity.

Unfortunalety, our group isn’t always packed, sometimes we have just five people drawing, but we don’t get too dissapointed.

We already had our first party anniversary, and it was very nice. We had dancers, singers, and of course, an exhibition with some drawings of our regular aritsts.

Now she moved to Rotterdam, so she’s managing two groups in both cities.

This is the website: