Mirrors of the Spirit, 2010

When I arrived to The Netherlands in 2010, I was lucky to have my first exhibition. It was very well organized. All the paintings were created on my last year living in Mexico. So, I painted a series of watercolours, many of them were portraits of humans and also a couple of animals, representing each individual with their respective personality. The description of the exhibition went like this:

“Her last individual exhibition in Amsterdam, “Mirrors Of The Spirit” stands for Helena’s personal search for a connection with her surroundings, her planet and ultimately with the Universe and the spirits of her loved ones and all those who she left behind during her travelling years. Our spirituality, the magic feeling inside each and everyone of us that acts as our bridge to the cosmos, is explored with methodical detailing and fearless experimentation with colours and textures, making every piece of her art a chance for inner-vision”.

This was written by my actual partner Tommy, alias Elder Yautija, who is well known by writing music reviews of several bands, and he’s also the drummer of the local band Nauseahtake. Basically he helped me a lot to organize this exhibition, I was new in town.

I sold a few paintings, mostly to friends, and I also enjoyed the company of many nice people, and they were very well served, we had a lot of drinks and canapes.